Message from the Director

There is a growing body of evidence that a reciprocal relationship exists between human health and the environment. For example, mold and dust exacerbate and contribute to the development of chronic conditions such as asthma and allergies.  Secondhand smoke at home, public places and workplaces contribute to the development of some cancers.  Other issues, such as poorly ventilated fireplaces and stoves, water quality, food sources and food quality all contribute to ill health. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports on the relationship between long term use of pesticides and birth defects, nerve damage and other long-term developmental problems in children. Environmental barriers to physical activity and dietary intake promote an obesogenic environment, further contributing to the significant rise in the obesity epidemic.

Integration of lifestyle modification, injury prevention and developing strategies to promote a healthy environment are essential for reducing the rate and prevalence of many chronic diseases. Nevertheless, most research in health promotion puts an emphasis on lifestyle and behavior modifications without any environmental focus.   At the Center for Environmental Health and Health Promotion (CEHHP), we bring together researchers to evaluate the interaction between the environment and behavior, collectively. Emphasizing on socio-ecological analysis, we attempt to identify environmental health resources and constraints at different settings (home, school, work, and community) and their contribution to chronic diseases. We promote developing interventions that integrate health behavior modification with environmental alterations to improve human health.

Dr. Pouran Faghri, MD, MS, FACSM
Director of the Center for Environmental Health and Health Promotion
Professor of Health Promotion Sciences, Department of Allied Health Sciences
Professor of Public Health, School of Medicine
Professor of Biomedical Engineering, School of Engineering

358 Mansfield Road, U-2101
Koons Hall, Room 318
Storrs, CT 06269-1101
Phone: 860-486-0018
Web: Dr. Pouran Faghri

Fall Symposium 2016


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October 24, 2016
Fall Symposium 2016
Lecture title: "Environment, Epigenetics and Cancer: How to Cultivate the Connections"

March 30, 2016
Spring Symposium 2016
Lecture title: Participatory Action Research: "Researchers and Community Partners Working Together for Real World Success" 

October 17, 2013
Fall Symposium 2013
Lecture title: "Health, Workplace, and Environment:Cultivating Connections