CPH-NEW: Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace

The Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (CPH-NEW) is a Center for Excellence funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) in 2006.  It is a collaborative research-to-practice initiative led by investigators from the University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML) and the University of Connecticut (UConn). The Center’s research goal is to evaluate the feasibility, effectiveness, and economic benefits of integrating occupational health and safety with health promotion interventions to improve employee health. There is a strong emphasis on workplace occupational ergonomic interventions and on worker involvement. Outcomes of particular interest include musculoskeletal health, mental health, and cardiovascular health.
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ConnectiFit is a worksite health and wellness program designed to provide health awareness, lifestyle and environmental change, targeted to improve the health of Connecticut employees. ConnectiFit offers educational programs such as healthy eating, ergonomics at work, stress management, smoking cessation, exercise groups, as well as identification of warning signs of cardiovascular events and how to respond to those warning signs. These programs are offered based on employee interest and response to a needs-assessment survey, which will be distributed to all employees. Please take the time to fill out and return this survey, as this will determine the types of health and wellness programs that will be offered throughout the year. Principal Investigator: Dr. Pouran Faghri
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Family Development Credential Program
Center for the Study of Culture, Health, and Human Development

The FDC program collaborates with agencies to teach family workers how to coach families to set and reach their goals for healthy self-reliance. Initially based on research conducted through Cornell University, the interagency FDC program is in many states throughout the nation to frontline workers from public, private and non-profit service systems (e.g., home visitors, case managers, family resource center workers, community health workers).
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Fall Symposium 2016


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October 24, 2016
Fall Symposium 2016
Lecture title: "Environment, Epigenetics and Cancer: How to Cultivate the Connections"

March 30, 2016
Spring Symposium 2016
Lecture title: Participatory Action Research: "Researchers and Community Partners Working Together for Real World Success" 

October 17, 2013
Fall Symposium 2013
Lecture title: "Health, Workplace, and Environment:Cultivating Connections